For Commuters

You Hold the Keys to Healthier Air!

Healthy habits start at a young age, and we’re dedicated to helping educators promote a productive and healthy learning environment in our schools by providing knowledge that students will carry out into our communities. The Air Quality Partnership is proud to provide educators with free, fun and informative learning activities and resources that teach children about the impact of air pollution and the many ways they can contribute to air quality.

Share The Ride

In addition to helping reduce traffic congestion and cleaning up our air, carpooling can save you up to $1,500 a year by lowering your gasoline bills, insurance costs, and car maintenance. It’s also a great way to reduce the stress of your daily commute as carpoolers can choose to read, sleep, or chat when they’re not behind the wheel.

Try Public Transportation

The Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority’s Metro system (LANTA) is a network of 35 fixed bus routes throughout the Lehigh Valley, providing daily, later evening, and weekend services. More than 380,000 people live within walking distance of a Metro route.

  • Each year it’s estimated that households that use public transportation save over $1,399 worth of gas.

  • Public transportation use saves the equivalent of 300,000 fewer automobile fill-ups every day.

By reducing smog-producing pollutants, greenhouse gases and by conserving ecologically sensitive lands and open spaces – public transportation is helping to meet national air quality standards.

Bike to Work

Believe or not, by biking just 4 miles you can keep 15 pounds of pollutants out of the air while enjoying some good cardiovascular exercise. Find out how you can help your employer become a Bicycle Friendly Business and be sure to participate in National Bike to Work Day & Week.