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As Valley Cities Poise For Boom, The The Importance of Urban Tree Cover Emerges

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Two related items from the local and national presses caught our eye today.

First, The Morning Call reports that the Lehigh Valley's cities are poised to boom in a big way over the next 30 years. The story, found here, follows big projections from the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission. Not only will suburban sprawl continue, the Commission says, but " by 2040 more than 40,000 more people will be living in the Valley's three cities."

From Science Daily, a story about the importance of urban treescapes begins this way:

"From New York City's Central Park to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, America's urban forests store an estimated 708 million tons of carbon, an environmental service with an estimated value of $50 billion, according to a recent U.S. Forest Service study."

Two weeks ago, Allentown's Main Street Manager for 7th Street, Peter Lewnes, led volunteer crews in planting new trees in the City's urban core. More projects like these will help as all breathe a little easier.