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Air Quality Action Day Forecast for July 4th

Saturday, July 3, 2010

On Sunday, expect the sunny skies to continue to persist across our region as a ridge of high pressure continues to build in across the eastern US. This ridge will provide a period of stagnation for the region. Light westerly flow will allow local air quality concentrations to rise. With a full day of sun, afternoon highs are likely to peak in the low 90s. The combination of the high creating limited mixing near the surface along with warm temperatures overrunning the region will force ozone levels into the low Code ORANGE range. The only thing that could limit levels would be the low dewpoint temperatures. The low dewpoint temperatures are what will keep PM 2.5 levels from extending out of the moderate range.

The Air Quality Partnership of Lehigh Valley - Berks encourages mass transit and other alternative forms of transportation on Air Quality Action Days, as well as other means of reducing local ground-level ozone.

Other summer-time tips include:

- If you use a gas-powered lawn mower, don't cut the grass on Air Quality Action Days. Consider investing in an electric mower.

- For holiday cookouts like those occurring this weekend, use in an electric outdoor grill, since the use of lighter fluid contributes to ground-level ozone levels and the use of charcoal produces fine particulates.

- Carpool or, when possible, use mass transit or other alternative transportation to reach your holiday destinations.

The Air Quality Partnership wishes everyone a safe, healthy, and happy Fourth of July!