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CAT Bike Monitoring at Musikfest a Success!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Once again this year, the Air Quality Partnership was proud to sponsor the CAT-Coalition for Appropriate Transportation's Monitored Bicycle Parking program at Musikfest. As you know, biking, and other forms of appropriate transportation such as mass transit, help reduce ground-level ozone emissions and particulates in our region, improving air quality in the process. Thank you, CAT, for your hard work in this area!

From our partners and friends at CAT:

"This year saw hundreds of trips by bike to the bike parking lot in front of City Hall in Bethlehem for Musikfest. What a great way to avoid driving a car to Musikfest and skipping the problem of finding a place to park a car. Peak usage at the bicycle parking lot was on Sunday, August 9, when 61 bikes filled the six racks to capacity.

Our fantastic CAT volunteers made everything go smoothly this year, with Peter "The Rock" Madine, son of our President, Gary Madine, putting in 60 hours of volunteer effort, including training for both watching the bikes and setting up the site each day. Coincidentally, Peter completes his required 60 hours of community service to graduate high school in the Bethlehem Area School District. CAT Member, Chelsea Johnson, put in 18 hours community service watching bikes, for much the same reason. Thank you both for choosing CAT for your community service.

Other volunteers watching the bikes in 2010 included Ben Siegfried-14 hours; Jes Lossie-14 hours; CAT Board Member, Roy Young-8 hours; Peter Hepler-8 hours; Don Johnson-6 hours; Carrie Kauffman-6 hours; Anna Mattison-6 hours; CAT Treasurer, Anne Connors-4 hours; CAT Bike Director, Scott Slingerland-4 hours; Darlene Betancur-4 hours; Khristina Haddad-4 hours; Toufy Haddad-4 hours; Denise O'Neill-4 hours; Tim Weiseman-4 hours; John Catino- 4 hours; CAT Board Member, Kevin Easterling-2 hours; Frank Pavlick-2 hours; Tim Chadwick-2 hours; Kathleen Guthrie-2 hours; Ginger LaMarca-2 hours.

A special thank you to Roy Young for helping to set-up and tear-down the site, particularly for transporting the two bike racks back and forth to the Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative. And CAT hugs to Julie Vitale for her special little touches, making special cute tops with beautiful bicycle decorations; buying cases of bottled water, rain ponchos, & umbrellas; and for parking her bike every night at musikfest at the bike parking."