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Our Newest Business Partner: Thank You and Welcome, Thrive Media!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We're proud to announce that Jeff Tintle has made his company, Thrive Media, our newest Air Quality Partner! You know Thrive from projects like Lifestyles Over 50 and Lehigh Valley Family. "As someone who grew up with severe asthma, air quality has always been something that I've been concerned about," Mr. Tintle says. "Indoor air quality is a problem that we have some control over, but for many years it seemed that outdoor air quality was too vast for us to impact. I'm happy that you have brought together the Air Quality Partnership so that organizations collectively can improve our air quality."

Jeff, we're happy that you've joined us! Thank you on behalf of the entire Air Quality Partnership!

Business, civic, and non-profit leaders can follow Thrive's excellent example by signing your business up as an Air Quality Partner today!