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380,000 of Us Can Walk To a LANTA Stop, and Steve Schmitt Wants to Help Us Do It

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yesterday, Jon Geeting noted that the parking analysis done in conjunction with Allentown's arena project found that 380,000 people live within walking distance of a LANTA bus stop.

We know that transit means cleaner air and less money spent on the maintenance and fueling of our cars, but why don't more of us use it?

380,000 is a huge number. That's higher than the entire population of Pittsburgh. It also represents more than half of the people living in the Lehigh Valley region.

Steve Schmitt and our good friends at CAR FREE-CAT want to help anyone who's interested in trying transit have a great first-time experience. Read Steve's pledge here or email or call Steve's organization at 610 954 5744.