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If They Could Only Power-wash Our Lungs

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tyrone Richardson follows up on his story about the dirty, sooty Macy's facade astride congested RT 22 in Whitehall.

As a region, we're still lacking the politial and social will to do the kinds of things necessary to keep that kind of soot out of our lungs, let alone of our buildings. Too bad there's not a power-wash for the damage long-term exposure to soot and smog, which we have plenty of in the Lehigh Valley, does to our bodies.

I'm glad the Morning Call highlighted the dirty side of our commuter habits. Sharing the ride, using transit, pushing for better gas mileage regulations and creating market and political demand for cleaner cars, better public transit, and other measures would go a long way toward a healthier Valley.

Think I'm wrong? Check out what Johns Hopkins has to say about President Obama's still-lax ozone standards.