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Community Bike Works

Monday, October 8, 2012

Chris Cocca had a chance to meet one of the leaders from Community Bike Works this weekend at a community celebration in Allentown. What a great organization! CBW empowers Allentown students through their various programs. Not only does the work they do help teach life lessons, but it also gets kids interested in biking. From their website:

"Community Bike Works was conceived by Allentown residents with backgrounds in education, drug abuse prevention, vocational training, mechanics, business, and community action. Community Bike Works develops and uses peer role models, adult mentors, and bicycles to draw boys and girls, ages 9 to 17, into the program and away from drugs, crime, and the streets. We use bicycles, peer role models and adult mentors to engage youth; and once engaged, influence their behavior and their outlook about school and life.

Kids learn mechanics, develop business skills, commitment and responsibilities, and improve their employability. In partnership with the Catholic Charities Refugee Program, Lehigh Conference of Churches Linkage Program, Victory House and other agencies, our kids fix bicycles and donate them to inner city residents so they can commute to work.

Kids even earn a recycled bike and new helmet for their efforts."

Because lowering emissions through alternative transportation is one essential spoke (pun intended) to improving outdoor air quality, your Air Quality Partnership is happy to highlight this important work being done right in downtown Allentown! Check out their home page for more information.

Keep up the great work, CBW!