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Ozone Pollution from Oil and Gas Linked to More Health Clinic Visits

Monday, May 6, 2013

"Because residents of Sublette County, Wyoming, have expressed concerns about the high ozone and wanted to understand what it meant for their health, the Wyoming Department of Health performed an investigation "to evaluate possible associations between short-term changes in ground-level ozone and adverse acute respiratory effects among persons residing and seeking healthcare within Sublette County."

Here's what they concluded:

"The results of this study suggest an association of ground-level ozone with clinic visits for adverse respiratory-related effects the day following elevations of ground-level ozone in Sublette County. This analysis evaluated ground-level ozone across the range of concentrations observed, with the majority of days below the regulatory standards. These results are consistent with other studies in the published literature."

Read the rest here at The Energy Collective.

These issues are not unique to Sublette County, Wyoming. Lehigh, Northampton, and Berks Counties have long-standing air quality problems that were recently revisited in the American Lung Association's national State of the Air report and in local media.