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ALA on 2008 Ozone Standards and Moving Forward

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

As the American Lung Association notes in their year-end email summary to advocates, as 2009 begins, "Ozone smog remains the most widespread and among the most dangerous air pollutants in the US."

Though the EPA's changes (made in March of 2008) to limits on ozone in the air are the strongest federal regulations to date, ALA has lead the call for stronger standards: " Unfortunately, EPA didn't set the standards at levels that protect public health, despite the urging of the Lung Association, our e-advocates, and many other major public health and environmental groups. Because of that, the Lung Association filed suit against EPA to get them to set a more protective national standard." Court briefings on that case begin this year.

Earthjustice, the public interest law firm that filed that suit on behalf of ALA, NRDC, NPCA, and the Appalachia Mountain Club, also filed a suit regarding the EPA's particulate matter (PM) standards in 2006.