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How Much Do Gas Prices Affect Transit Ridership?

Friday, December 2, 2011

Jon Geeting shares information from Eric Jaffe's recent post on the Atlantic Cities site, here.

We appreciate these discussions. Christopher Cocca, our Outreach Director, had this to add:

"Interestingly, getting buy-ins for the Share The Ride Challenge, even in this economic environment, was pretty tough, which my colleagues and I (working with the Air Quality Partnership of Lehigh Valley – Berks) found somewhat surprising. The Commonwealth used to help us fund “Ride Free on Red” days with LANTA…if Air Quality Conditions (ozone pollution, in this case), were forecast to reach Code Red levels (according to the Air Quality Index), rides on LANTA were free for that forecasted day. This was a great program that we’ve been working to bring back for years. Ridership increased greatly on ride-free days, and ridership among the elderly (a group greatly under-served by our current transit options, according to a study that come out over the summer), doubled. We're working with DEP and local partners like LANTA to find ways of bring this important program back on-line."