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World Health Organization: Air Pollution Exposure = Smaller Babies

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's intuitive, isn't it? And it's also big air quality news today.

The World Health Organization has released a new study of the correlation between PM2.5 pollution exposure during pregnancy and declining birth weights world wide. Three million births over 14 global sites were studied. WHO recommends stricter air quality standards for the affected nations in the European Union.

The Air Quality Partnership of Lehigh Valley - Berks exists to help educate our region about the dangers of ozone and PM2.5 pollution. PM2.5 is also known as particle pollution, particulate matter, and, commonly, as "soot," while ozone is often known as "smog."

You can read a European account of the new findings here, and US News & World Report's story here. Note, though, that USNWR mistakenly refers to PM as "smog." They mean to say "soot."

The San Fransisco Gate provides good coverage here.

Locally, there's a new grass roots effort for more stringent air quality laws in Allentown spear-headed by Allentown Residents for Clean Air.